Handling robots will lower your costs of manufacture
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ICS are a leading supplier of robotic systems in the UK.

We have in depth experience across all makes of robots including ABB, Fanuc, Motoman and Panasonic. If you already have an established robot partner we have the capabilities to work with your chosen handling robots.

The growing population of Material Handling Robots within the UK is fast becoming a vital driver to improving competitiveness, as manufacturers strive to retain existing contracts and win new business. The soaring costs of employment, coupled with more stringent Health and Safety Legislation have driven demand for Material Handling applications in recent years.

There is no value-added to your products by moving them from one place to another and no matter how lean you have made your production facilities, material handling cannot be avoided. Therefore, ICS can offer you Automated Solutions using Material Handling Robots to lower your costs of manufacture by:

  • Reducing direct labour costs
  • Improving line efficiencies
  • Reducing WIP
  • Reducing exposure to Health and Safety risks

New technologies built in to Handling Robots, coupled with continuous developments in process enablers such as vision systems, gripper units and dispensing equipment have made material handling solutions more versatile, intelligent and robust. Moreover, given the fact that the price of handling robots has fallen over recent years as the global market grows, the Return on your Investment is likely to be very attractive.

Typical applications for Handling Robots:

  • Palletising of finished goods
  • Packing of products
  • Tending of machines and other process equipment
  • Assembly of products
  • Application of packaging i.e. lids and labels
  • Product Inspection
  • Specialised handling robots for clean-room environments or food industry

at ICS we make robotic handling systems that work for you

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