Panasonic robots - G2 Series

G2 SeriesThis 6 axis arc welding solution incorporates a redesigned robot arm with larger motors and drives coupled with high-end servo control algorithms to make the TA-G2 series over 50% faster than the previous VR generations of robots.

The G2 series of Panasonic robots features advanced sensitivity to collision detection, an improved curved arm shape allowing the robot to reach closer to fixtures and high speed performance (up to 3m/s).

The Windows® CE-based 7" color teach pendant provides a user-friendly interface with complete offline operator training capabilities and automatic back up facilities.

This range of Panasonic robots are available in 5 arm configurations all of which communicate through a full digital interface to the range of Panasonic welding power sources for Mig and Tig welding.

TA1000G2 1058mm reach, 6kg payload
TA1400G2 1374mm reach, 6kg payload
TA1600G2 1598mm reach, 8kg payload
TA1800G2 1796mm reach, 8kg payload
TA1900G2 1895mm reach, 6kg payload

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