TAWERS - The latest range of Panasonic Robots

The Arc Welding Robotic Solution

TAWERS - The latest range of Panasonic Robots The TAWERS range of robots is a new generation of robot arm and welding technology which is controlled by the same processor to greatly improve your productivity.

Featuring a 64 bit CPU, this advanced robot controller from Panasonic, fuses control of the robot motion, welder waveform and servo wire feeder to adjust and correct for dynamic changes in the welding process. TAWERS is the first robot with Embedded Arc Control (EAC) technology, soaring beyond conventional digital communication systems, delivering the first generation of fully software-controlled robotic welding solutions.

A combination of constant voltage and pulse welding technologies into the new SP-MAG welding process leads to significantly reduced spatter levels, low heat input, low susceptibility to arc blow, wide process windows and excellent thin material and gap handling capabilities.

  • 5 Robot arms with reaches from 1068 to 1895mm
  • High acceleration and rigidity result in top speeds of up to 180m/s reducing cycle times
  • Automatic stick-out correction option provides consistent penetration and less burn through
  • Robot lift arc start reduces arc ignition spatter and improves first strike arc start efficiency
  • Robot lift arc end eliminates wire stick and wire burn back times to improve productivity
  • In built high resolution arc monitor system for process control monitoring
  • Optional software packages for data logging and storage of preset and actual weld parameters
  • 100kHz Primary side high frequency inverter provides precise control of welding arc

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