Single station robot welding system
Single station robot welding system with head and tailstock positioner

Single station robot welding system

This robot welding system features a single robot with a single head and tailstock style fixture rotation unit. This configuration is very popular with the automotive supply industry who will often use a single operator to run a number of adjacent cells. The cell features standardised locations for interchangability and quick change of fixtures with automatic fixture recognition and robot program call up, rapid roll door for speedy access to welded components, integral fume hood roof, narrow design with uncluttered sides to allow close spacing of cells, integral base for quick factory re-arrangements, integral bin racks for component parts and an easy to use control system with operator prompts to minimise training requirements. The control system is also configured to provide production measurement information that can be linked over a network to your data collection system, we can also provide remote dial in access for speedy fault finding and error recovery. As an option this robot welding system configuration can accommodate multiple robots all welding simultaneously as the component rotates.

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