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At ICS Robotics, we have teamed up with Adept Technologies to offer their class-leading range of SCARA and Parallel Robots as components of our robotic pick and place and assembly solutions. Adept Technologies are an established brand in robotic automation and have been developing high performance, function-packed robot systems for over 25 years.

All of the Adept robots offer the valued combination of high performance motion control with integrated vision guidance and conveyor tracking. This means that we can deliver fast, precise and flexible robotic pick and place and packaging solutions without the need for highly engineered, bespoke and component delivery and sorting systems.

The latest offering from Adept, the Quattro Parallel Robot, is specifically designed for very high-speed robotic pick and place, packaging and assembly applications. It is the only robot in the world that features a unique four-arm construction designed for class-leading speed, acceleration and stability across the entire 1300mm work envelope. In addition, the powerful embedded amplifiers and compact controls enable the saving of valuable workspace. The high speed and precision of the Adept Quattro make it a perfect choice for flexible and productive 'one at a time' robotic pick and place and assembly applications. The Adept Quattro has already been accepted by the market with over 200 units being sold in its first year, with enquiries for this high performance product growing significantly month on month.


Quattro-JPEG AdeptOne-XL-JPEG Adept Cobra S600-JPEG

Adept Quattro

For very high speed pick  and place, packaging and assembly

Suitable for food, pharmaceutical and   general industries

Payload: 2kg
Reach: 1300mm
Pick Rate: >150 picks/min
Accuracy: 0.1mm

Adept One-XL

For pick and place assembly applications that are too big for most SCARA units but where speed and precision are required

Suitable for general industries

Payload: 12kg
Reach: 800mm
Pick Rate: 60-90 picks/min
Accuracy: 0.025mm

Adept s600 Cobra

For high speed pick and    place and assembly applications

Suitable for food, pharmaceutical and    general industries

Payload: 2kg
Reach: 600mm
Pick Rate: 100-140 picks/min
Accuracy: 0.017mm

at ICS we make robotic pick and place systems that work for you


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