A robotic welding cell case study from ICS Robotics
Flat table cell, arranged in an internal "V" configuration

Manpower savings has lead to cost reductions

A leading manufacturer of engineering products for telecoms markets throughout Europe has installed this complete turnkey robotic welding cell , including tooling. This first time user of welding robots have immediately realised increased efficiency and quality whilst at the same time have overcome an ongoing problem of recruiting skilled welders.

Twin Station robotic welding cellThe robot cell design allows both manhole covers and frames to be welded at the same time and then stacked together at the end of the cycle thus saving a material handling operation. The fixturing is fully adjustable to cope with multiple sizes of frames and covers which alleviates the need to change the fixturing between batch runs.

60% of the welding of frames and covers is now automated by the robotic welding cell. The system has replaced 2 skilled welders, a further man due to the manual stacking operation which has been removed and a 4th man because improved quality has eradicated the need for a grinding operation after welding.

  • Fully Adjustable Fixturing to cope with a wide range of component sizes means reduced set up time between batches
  • Manpower savings has lead to cost reductions
  • Robotic welding produces consistent high quality allowing for the removal of a subsequent grinding operation
  • Loading doors are configured for minimal operator walking time

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