A turnkey robot welding case study from ICS Robotics
Robot Welding of Range Cookers

Flexible system allows for different material types

We have designed and developed a turnkey robot welding system for a leading manufacturer of traditional range cookers. The robot welding system is used to manufacture mild steel and stainless steel components for the traditional Cast Iron Range Cooker. The turnkey system includes 4 new fixtures designed and built by ICS together with the incorporation and programming of a number of existing manual welding fixtures.

Robot Welding of Range CookersSmall batch sizes and the ability to switch between mild steel and stainless steel products were key design considerations. A long reach robot and large fixture loading positions either side of a motor driven indexing turntable provide the ability to fit one large fixture or a number of smaller fixtures to the system. The operator load position is guarded using light curtains so that there are no obstructions making fixture changeovers quick and simple.

Each fixture is fitted with an identification method which is automatically detected by the cell control system when it is fitted to the turntable, the fixture type and configuration is displayed on the touch screen panel at the operator position and the correct robot program is automatically called. The robot welding gas is automatically selected depending on the type of fixture fitted.

  • Touch screen display with operator prompts and feedback of production information reduces operator training
  • Fixture ID provides automatic recognition, robot program call and gas change
  • Flexible system allows for small batch sizes and different material types
  • Open front cell design allows for simple tool changing with overhead hoist or fork truck

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