Welding robot system case study from ICS Robotics
A welding robot system for both Aluminium Mig and Tig Welding

for both Aluminium Mig and Tig Welding

We have designed and developed a turnkey welding robot system, for a leading manufacturer of Aluminium air conditioning ceiling vents and floor grilles, who was faced with the problem of producing components using different weld processes from the same welding robot system. Not only are the floor components made using an aluminium Mig welding process and the ceiling vents made using an aluminium Tig welding process but some areas of the ceiling vents require Tig with filler whilst other areas require no filler.

A welding robot system for both Aluminium Mig and Tig WeldingThis unique cell design features an automatic changeover from Mig to Tig welding processes and from autogenous to with-filler tig within seconds. All processes are fully controlled by the welding robot to optimise productivity.

Our turnkey solution also provides automatically adjustable fixturing to cope with the full range of product variants and a unique fixture flip over system to allow product changes within seconds and no fixture storage problems.

  • Aluminium Mig, Tig and Tig filler on the same welding robot provides increased flexibility
  • Rapid tool changes with no need for fixture storage areas
  • Automated changeover from Mig to Tig reduces cycle times
  • Touch screen control panel provides operator prompts and feedback virtually eliminating operator training

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