European Car Seat Manufacturer

Case Study


High production volumes require innovative and reliable solutions


We designed and built a unique system for the manufacture of Front Seat Backs for a European Car Seat Manufacturer.

Our solution utilized laser welding, automatic inspection, part marking, Mig welding, automatic spring insertion and automated product testing.

All designed, manufactured and tested at our premises before being installed on site.



Pre-Assembly followed by Panasonic LAPRISS laser welding

The components are pre-assembled in a separate fixture before loading into the laser welding fixture to reduce load time, the turntable system allows welding and unloading / re-loading to take place at the same time.


Auto unload from the laser welder and loading into the 3D laser scanning weld inspection station

A material handling robot is used to unload the laser welding fixture to reduce operator time. The part is located on a turntable which then takes it to a weld inspection station.


Weld Inspection

Every weld is inspected using a 3D Vision weld inspection system ensuring absolute quality control for the end user.


Part Marking

Parts are automatically marked to show they have passed through the weld inspection process providing traceability and product confidence.


Mig Welding

Clean, spatter free Mig welds are added utilizing the Panasonic TAWERS robot welding system.


Spring Insertion & Automatic Testing

We designed and built a unique special purpose machine to add the springs to the recliner mechanisms and then test every seat to ensure correct recliner operation.



Robust Designs with constant quality checks ensure your products are produced to a consistent high quality.


We look forward to working with you to design and manufacture your next production line.