Laser Welding Solutions


As part of the worldwide AWL Group with an installed base of over 180 laser welding machines we are able to offer unrivalled experience in the field of Laser Welding.



Laser welding offers speed, precision, high productivity, new construction possibilities and cost benefits.

In order to guarantee a fast welding speed and a reliable process, the product design, jig design, integrated airflow and other preconditions must be of the highest quality.

Understanding these items allows us to offer the best solutions for your products.



ICS are the preferred partner for the Panasonic LAPRISS laser welding and cutting systems

With systems located throughout Europe.



Example Systems

Europe’s First

ICS have designed and manufactured a laser welding system for a major car seat manufacturer, the system utilizes the Panasonic LAPRISS compact laser welding system, the first of its kind to be used in Europe.

Laser-Welding Laser-Cell

Automated Inspection and Marking

Our system also featured automatic weld inspection and marking of production quality parts.


Flexible Laser Welding Solution

Featuring a twin axis manipulator that can be mounted in two positions, this flexible laser welding cell can accommodate component parts of many shapes and sizes. The integrated tailstock means that the cell can be used to weld long components such as exhaust systems.

Air blowers are built into the system to provide air flow across the fixtures and there is also a facility for supplying air or gas supplies directly to the fixtures. We have also manufactured this style of cell with the robot on a linear track to improve weld accessibility

High levels of safety and light tightness are integral to the design of  the guarding system.



We can offer a bespoke laser welding solution to suit your needs and budgets.

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