Independent Systems Integrator

ICS are proud to be an independent systems integrator, this means we are free to incorporate what we feel to be the BEST equipment into our solutions for any application.

We have experience with all of the leading robotic and welding equipment manufacturers including ABB, Fanuc, Fronius, Kemppi, KUKA, Motoman/Yaskawa, Panasonic etc. We are also control systems specialists with experience of all of the major plc and hmi equipment such as Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron, Panasonic and Siemens.

If you have a company product specification we are sure to have the experience to match.



The Best Partners chosen for you

Our preferred automation partners have been selected over the years because we think they have the best equipment or range in their field.


Panasonic-Robot-Logo-for-Laser-Welding Partner

Arc Welding

For clean, spatter free welds using Mig/Mag and Tig welding processes we recommend Panasonic TAWERS robots with their integrated power sources.

The ability to weld Mild, Stainless, Zinc Coated and High Strength Steels along with Aluminium using Mig or Tig processes from the same power source enables us to provide unique solutions with outstanding reliability and ease of use.

KUKA logo

Handling, Machine Loading & Spot Welding

With their impressive range of robot models ranging from 2 to 1,300kg capacity payloads and up to 3,901mm radial reach, the KUKA range of robots can provide a perfect robot platform for any application.


Laser Welding

The Direct Diode Laser power source coupled with a servo controlled trepanning head makes the LAPRISS laser welding system compact and powerful.

Whether used for traditional laser welding  with exceptional gap handling capability or as a spot weld replacement process this welding technology can offer significant advantages to your production processes


Vision Systems

2D and 3D vision inspection and robot guidance is becoming an increasingly important requirement to make systems more flexible and easy to use.

The stability and image quality coupled with the speed and flexibility of the image processing tools make the Keyence vision technology stand out and enables us to provide capabilities that were not possible even a few years ago.

Partnerships that have stood the test of time

Panasonic Distributors Tour - 1998 Japan