ProCell for MIG & TIG Welding


ProCell W is a range of SMART welding robot systems

The ProCell W range is SMART because it has  been designed using Standard Modular Advanced Robotic Technology. The latest Panasonic TAWERS welding technology and 30+ years of automated welding experience encapsulated in one flexible solution. The ability to quickly and effortlessly reconfigure component fixtures and allow for repurposing for future projects has been key to the ProCell's popularity.



ProCell W Range - Seven simple solutions




Each robot cell will offer you the following benefits:


Faster cycle times

An efficient cell design with automatic doors enables quicker loading times. A twin table design ensures minimal robot waiting time between cycles and the start/lift end function reduces arc start/stop times.


Cheaper to run

The highly efficient Panasonic TAWERS weld system results in low spatter and reduced consumable use. An inverter-controlled power source and 'sleep mode' reduce compressed air and power consumption.


Better weld quality

Panasonic TAWERS technology produces faster, cleaner welds, increasing quality and reducing rework. Welds also require less heat input.



Many options are available for fixture location, control and component manipulation. The robot and power source is capable of MIG, MAG and TIG welding on mild steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium and others. Thin and thick plate welding can be performed using the same system.


Easy to use

Intuitive controls lead to simple operation, plus operator prompts ensure that minimal training is required. Arc welding navigation enables easy set-up and production monitoring functions are also available.


   Standard Features


  • Base-mounted for quick installation and easy relocation
  • Plug and play operation with a single power drop
  • Built-in fume hood
  • Automatic open and close doors with integral safety
  • Intuitive touch screen controls
  • Operator prompts and error resolution on screen
  • All controls positioned at front of cell



   Optional Extras


  • Dynamic tilt & turn tooling table
  • Remote diagnostics and support
  • Industry 4.0 compatible
  • Multiple options for fixture rotation
  • Upgrades for fixture control