Robot Training

Robotics Training 

Although modern robot systems and controllers are designed to be easy to use, it’s important to have full training if each system is to be used safely to its full capability. 

That’s why we provide an extensive range of training options, for all your engineering staff, regardless of their skill sets.  Our training courses cover both setup, programming and maintenance of the integrated robotics cell, and combine desk-based and hands-on tuition. 

Robotics training can be carried out on your site or remotely, with all courses being supplied with comprehensive training notes and test exercises.  They can also form part of your existing CPD programmes.  Ongoing support and refresher courses are provided as standard. 

Our standard training courses include:

- Introduction to Basic Robot training 

- Basic, Intermediate and advanced robot training 

- Robot maintenance Training 

- Robot welding training Mig and Tig 

- DTPS (Robot simulation) 

We offer flexible robot training courses tailored to your exact needs.


Robot training courses can be customised for your own applications and can be run either at our training facilities or at your premises to fit around your production schedules.


Robot Training from ICS Robotics

New Installations

If you’ve just invested in a new welding or handling robot then our courses focus on the safe operation of the robot system as a whole and have been developed to allow plenty of hands-on experience. Your team will learn how to operate and program your robot along with how to troubleshoot and use recovery techniques when things don’t quite go as you had planned. These courses are designed for up to three students over consecutive days and will result in much quicker implementation of your new system. 


Existing Installations

For users of existing systems, we offer full three-day robot training courses for new employees and shorter one or two day programming courses at refresher and advanced level to help you improve the skills of your team.