Robotic Handling Solutions

Handling Solutions

Robots of all sizes can be used in handling applications, here are just a few of the ways in which we have integrated handling and loading robots into our system solutions.

Robots provide speed, precision, high load carrying capacity, tireless performance and repeatability offering possibilities for cost saving and other benefits in your production processes. We can integrate vision to our robots to enable random position picking, orientation control, individual part identification, part inspection and other opportunities to improve your process.



Whilst maintaining our ethos of being an independent system integrator ICS are a Gold solutions provider for the extensive range of KUKA Robots.




Fixtureless Welding

Utilising the high speed communication between robots we can harmonise their movements allowing a handling robot to position and move a tacked component in front of a welding robot to provide true fixture free welding. Both robots can manipulate individually or in harmony and we can fit touch or laser position sensing and through arc seam tracking for perfect welds every time.


Handling multiple processes with the same robot

This system uses large handling robots to pick up fixtures and take them to the production processes, this particular system integrates spot welding, seam welding and MIG welding processes on the same product. The component is also tested by the robot before being placed on a conveyor to the next process.


Taking the part to the process

Here we use a handling robot to take a component to a pair of Tox joining guns for precise joining.


Product Handling

A robot is used to unload an air under water leak test machine (designed and manufactured by ICS). The product is taken to a marking machine and then unloaded to the next process. Innovative guarding allows this machine to be configured to right hand, left hand or straight through process configurations.


Machine Loading

Multiple smaller parts are picked up by a unique gripper designed to cope with multiple product variations and place the components into the next process. This system includes conveyor tracking enabling the whole machine to be synchronized to the speed of the product conveyor.

colour shape recognition

Using vision for colour and shape recognition

The robot is integrated with a Keyence vision system to detect shape and colour. This is used to detect the type of product and to orientate and sort ready for the next process.

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