Robotic Welding Fixtures


In all robotic welding solutions the fixture must precisely and repeatably locate all components to be joined

High quality products begin with high quality components held by quality fixturing. Reliable and stable jigs and welding fixtures are critical to the success of the welding process whether MIG, TIG, Spot or Laser.

At ICS we have vast experience of designing and manufacturing welding fixtures of all levels and types from simple cost-effective manual fixtures for batch production to fully automated high volume fixtures to automotive standards.

 Our in-house fixture design capability puts us in a unique position in the industry enabling us to provide a full turnkey solution from a single vendor. Our robotic experience enables us to design fixtures that locate and clamp the components correctly whilst still maintaining robot torch access to Mig, Tig, Spot or Laser weld assemblies.




Designed in house

Starting with your drawings, 3D CAD models or physical samples, our in-house design team develop a concept to meet your needs. Once finalised, our expert designers transform the concept into a world-class design. Digital prototyping completes the design process, including mechanical analyses and robot movement simulation, where welding torch access and cycle times are verified. Utmost confidence in the fixture's function is therefore assured at the design stage.

Built in house

Built in our workshop and dimensionally verified by co-ordinate measurement (CMM) and adjusted to suit your final components, the fixture is ready for work, whether supplied standalone or integrated into one of our range of welding cells to give you an outstanding turnkey automated welding solution.


DSF4298 fixtures 500px

or manual
as required

vision camera square

Part present sensing - electrical or vision


Poke-yoke - mechanical, electrical or vision


Ergonomic design for ease of use and maintenance


Fixture datums to match product datums and geometrical specifications 


Adjustability - including xyz shim adjustment where required

picture5 500px

Spatter protection, for fixture and products as required


Reliable repeatable component positioning