ABB Flexpicker | ICS Robotics choice for pick and place applications

The ABB Flexpicker is specifically designed for very high speed packaging, pick and place and assembly applications for food, pharmaceutical and general FMCG industries.

ABB Flexpicker


The ABB IRB 360 Flexpicker range of parallel arm (Delta style) robots offer particularly high speed operation and integrated with the ABB Flexpicker software offers a combination of high performance motion control with integrated vision guidance and conveyor tracking.



The ABB IRB 360 Flexpicker range is available in four different variants, ensuring that it is suitable for a wide range of applications. The standard version has a working range optimised for the fastest picking applications. The standard model is also available with longer arms; achieving a working range of 1600mm which will enable the robot to reach over large conveyors and machines. The compact model has an 800mm diameter work area and its small footprint saves floor space and makes it easy to fit into compact packaging machines. There is also a high payload variant which can speed up the throughput by taking more products at the same time or simply handling heavier products.

ABB Flexpicker features

....and benefits

High speed flexibility

To ensure fast processing of your products

High capacity- up to 3kg payload

To offer increased flexibility

Hygienic design for wash down applications

For food applications

Superior tracking performance

To enable moving products to be picked

Integrated vision software

To recognise product type and orientation

Integrated control of indexing belts

To ensure accurate product placement in moving cartons


 ABB Flexpicker- Product specification

  IRB 360-1 800 IRB 360-1/1130 IRB 360-3/1130 IRB 360-1/1600
Number of axes 4 3/4 3/4 4
Payload 1kg 1kg 3kg 1kg
Working range (diameter) 800mm 1130mm 1130mm 1600mm
Repeatability 0.1mm
Supply voltage 200-600 V, 60 Hz
Protection IP56 (IP67 & 69K optional)
Mounting Inverted
Environmental site Ambient temperature ±0°C to +45°C, Max humidity 95%

Cycle times (standard path 25-305-25mm)

Payload IRB 360-1/800 IRB 360-1/1130 IRB 360-3/1130 IRB 360-1/1600
0.1kg 0.32 0.30   0.33
1kg 0.35 0.36   0.39
3kg     0.54  

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