Robotics and automation technology 

As a leading specialised UK robotics and automation system integrator, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience working with many different types of robots in a diverse range of applications. 

Robotic and automation equipment from different manufacturers has unique features, capabilities and limitations.  Just as importantly, each customer is different, with their own set of challenges and commercial and technical requirements.  A key part of our role is to act as a catalyst, aligning the needs of customers with the best technology, and then adding our unique ability to design, engineer, install, commission and maintain the ideal solution for each application. 

We partner with a number of the leading suppliers of robotics technology, giving us a wide range of options.  Just as importantly, we are vendor-agnostic, enabling us to choose the system that gives us the greatest flexibility in developing a robotic welding or handling solution that meet your exact needs – today and in the future.

panasonic tawers

Panasonic Tawers Robots 

A sophisticated robot that has been designed specifically for arc welding. The system combines the robot and controller with a welding power source and servo wire feeder in a single integrated unit. Precision control improves operational efficiency, combining high weld speed with minimal weld spatter.

panasonic lapriss

Panasonic Lapriss 

The LAPRISS (Laser Processing Robot Integrated System Solution) remote laser welding robot features advanced servo technology to control a laser trepanning head.  A variety of welding patterns and beam functions can easily be produced, from a compact and lightweight laser head. 


Kuka Robots 

Kuka robots are among the most widely used in industry, due to their flexibility, payload capabilities and reliability.  We have considerable experience in incorporating Kuka technology into the heart of many of our robot welding and handling systems and have developed a wide range of specially adapted parts and assemblies to address different application requirements.


Keyence Vision Systems 

Keyence is a leading manufacturer of sensors, measurement and machine vision devices.  We have partnered with the company for many years and have extensive knowledge of their different technologies, enabling us to develop innovative methods of incorporating part recognition, handling and positioning systems that deliver exceptional levels of precision.


ProCell welding cells 

Ready to use, self-contained, automated robotic welding cells.  Based on proven and advanced TAWERS technology, the ProCell range is designed to increase cycle times, improve weld quality and offer you complete flexibility.  Easy to set up, operate and control, ProCell is an ideal production system to help your business grow.