Welding Cells

ProCell self-contained welding cells 

With our range of ProCell robotic welding cells you can automate your welding operation quickly, simply and at highly competitive cost.  Each cell is completely self-contained, with everything you need to start work straight-away, allowing you to increase productivity and improve quality, with the flexibility to be easily reconfigured for multiple applications. 

Each ProCell welding cell uses a proven Panasonic TAWERS robot for the ultimate in precision and control, with minimal heat input for fast, clean welds that minimise rework.  TAWERS technology also reduces weld-spatter and the volume of consumables required, while an inverter controlled power source and sleep mode minimises the consumption of compressed air and power. 

The standard controller and HMI are simple to use, making it quick and easy to programme each system, with minimal training.   

Intuitive controls lead to simple operation, plus operator prompts ensure that minimal training is required. Arc weld navigation enables easy set up.  Production monitoring functions are also available. 

ProCell automated welding cells come with a range of options for fixture location, control and component manipulation. The robot and power source is capable of MIG, MAG and TIG welding on mild steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium and others. Thin and thick plate welding can be performed using the same systems.

Features include: 

  • Base-mounted for quick installation and easy relocation 
  • Plug and play operation with a single power drop 
  • Built in fume hood 
  • Twin table layout for high speed operation 
  • Automatic open and close doors with integral safety 
  • Intuitive touch screen controls 
  • Operator prompts and error resolution on screen 
  • All controls positioned at front of cell