Bespoke Welding Solutions


The Best Layout for YOUR Application

At ICS, we are not confined by a number of standard designs, we can tailor a bespoke solution to match your exact requirements. 

No need to compromise, our systems will suit your requirements and factory flow. 



Single Station Solutions

Small footprint single station cells are particularly suited to applications with long welding times and short loading times.


Twin Station Solutions

Twin adjacent station systems offer the fastest cycle times of any system.


Twin Station (H Frame) Solutions

Suitable for components with longer cycle times compared to load times, this arrangement allows large components to be welded with a compact cell footprint.


Twin Station (Linear Track) Solutions

Introducing a servo controlled linear track to increase the robot work area enables much larger components to be welded. This arrangement can be used for multi station welding cells.


Turntable Solutions

Fitted with a turntable to move fixtures between the operator and the robot, this cell allows good use of the robot working envelope from a static operator positions. 


Turntable (Fixture Rotation) Solutions

Adding single or twin axis fixture manipulation to the turntable cell means that complicated workpieces that need to be welded in many different angles can quickly be processed.


Unique Solutions

Fully customised solutions are sometimes the best way to produce an assembly.

We can interface with your production control system to weld in batch sizes as small as 1.


Jig Free Solutions

By introducing a handling robot to the welding cell, pre tacked components can be manipulated by one robot whilst being welded by another. Full harmonised motion allows moving and welding at the same time. 


Laser Solutions

The high welding power and inherent safety issues associated with Laser welding require unique guarding arrangements.

At ICS we can provide high speed safe welding solutions.


Hybrid Solutions 

Some components require a number of different weld processes. We can combine a number of welding processes in one cell. We can move the product to the process as well as using the robot.